This server costs me real money (50$/month | 600$/year) but for you.. it's just free! silly right?
(as usual: donations are highly appreciated while not required)


Nightlies are UNTESTED, may contain serious BUGS but on the other hand also may contain FIXES and for sure the NEWEST software you can get.
So you have been warned: use them with care and do not expect a stable version.

Bug reports have to be posted in the mAid thread!!
or (even better) by opening an issue at the official issue tracker

When you have an issue, please report at least the following:

1. exact version tried (filename or by looking into the file: /etc/mAid-release)
2. For boot issues your current boot mode (check your BIOS setup):

- UEFI boot mode
- BIOS (often called 'legacy') boot mode

3. error messages (if any) either as a screenshot or photo
4. VirtualBox mode or running from an USB stick, DVD or any other media